How to find a job in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a hub of opportunities for skilled ex-pats. And, if you are a skilled Indian automotive engineer professional finding a job abroad, especially in Europe, then the Netherlands is a pretty good option to work and settle in. Finding a job in the Netherlands has many perks.

Furthermore, perks like a high salary in your 30s, no language barrier, lower taxes as compared to Germany, and a good work-life balance.

Mr. Shaikmeera is an automotive engineer in the Netherlands. He joined GIC in its very beginning i.e. 2020. Not bragging about it, but a fact must be shared, right? Likewise, he joined GIC to get placed in Germany but landed in the Netherlands.

Why and how are the questions which stuck in my mind as well. So, let us know what made him change his decision.

So, stick around!

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How GIC can help you to get a job in Europe?

With our service of 1-1 sessions and through the discord community we can answer your questions related to-

  • How is the job search done
  • How to use LinkedIn for job search
  • How to approach an interview
  • How is life after getting there
  • How to stay consistent

We are always available to help you and celebrate your success.

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Benefits of living in the Netherlands

Before finding a job in the Netherlands, have a short look at the benefits of getting placed in the Netherlands. It will make your decision easier!

30-30 rule of the Netherlands

Different packages for 30 years old and above

When you turn 30 you are entitled to a 4700 euros salary from the company.  If you join a company and after joining you turn 30, it’s the company’s choice to pay. You can only avail this amount if you change your company otherwise not. You can try to ask from your current employer of course and solely bear the risk.

Note: Don’t be overwhelmed by your salary package. You may feel that you are receiving less pay in comparison to Germany. But, at the end of the day, you are on the same track if taxation policy is not overlooked.  

The 30% tax rule

According to this, the company pays 30% of taxes for the first 5 years. You need to pay 10-15% taxes only. As an ex-pat, you can opt for the same.

How to avail it?

The key to this door is given below:

  • You should be an outsider, a foreigner like Indians.
  • Netherland citizens cannot apply for the same.
  • You should be 150km away from the country’s boundary. At Least, 17 months from the date of joining.
  • If you are studying there and joining the job, you may opt for it after 1-2 years, as per the case.

Dutch language or English language

Language is not a barrier. But, people do encourage you to learn Dutch. However, they will communicate with you in English, in and out of the office. You will get used to it and Dutch as well. So, language is not a barrier as far as German or other languages are concerned.

So, are you convinced now? I believe yes!

6 step-by-step job hunting process in the Netherlands

STEP 1: Resume/CV and cover letter-making process

Pay attention to the resume format:

  • Follow the latest trends in resume writing
  • You can use paid resume templates
  • Don’t leave blank pages
  • The length of the resume should be 1-2 pages
  • Write things that matter
    • Project duration
    • Project place- don’t mention your client name or any info regarding the same
    • Skill set used for project
  • Mention your skills on the right side of the page (acquired during projects)

Cover letter ethics:

Mention your objective clearly in your cover letter- It increases your application selection

You can watch the video below for further CV writing process

STEP 2: Platform to use – What exactly do you have to do and how?

  • Linkedin
  • Xing

How to use LinkedIn for job search?

  • Search for keywords- Keywords related to your profile to find relevant jobs.

You can watch the video below to understand how to search for keywords on LinkedIn.

  • Job description
    • Always go through the job description before applying for any job.
    • Read it at its core.
    • Apply for the relevant jobs.
    • Instead of making a heap of job applications and waiting for them to reply. 
  • LinkedIn premium: the LinkedIn premium is for LinkedIn not for you. That means it won’t make any such a difference. But, you can use of course.

Watch LinkedIn premium features here:

STEP 3: Daily activities to perform

Your daily activities should include:

  1. Save jobs and apply for the same.
  2. Keep looking for open positions on LinkedIn and other platforms.
  3. Upgrade your skills- Focus on both technical and social skills.

STEP 4: Frequency of job applications

How frequently do you need to apply for jobs? What is the process?

Shaikmeera followed a 7-day rule for this.

  • Always keep LinkedIn notifications on. It helps to get the latest job posts
  • Take time for reviewing job posts and save them for later
  • At the weekend, review all the saved job descriptions properly, and
  • Apply for the relevant ones (not creating heaps of jobs).

STEP 5: Interview process of Netherlands V/S India

In India, the first round is the HR round. Everything is discussed related to the job. They question the candidate to identify how suitable is the candidate for the job and check what expectations one holds with this company.

Whereas, in the Netherlands, it is the opposite. The interviewer (HR) tells about the company. They believe it’s the company that needs employees more than the candidate needs them. In this way, a candidate holds the right to know about the company. Unquestionably, they look for a person with social values more than technical skills. Thus, they explain about the company, the job role, and the industry standard salary they will offer, not a salary you want them to give you.

One can even have to face a technical or coding round as needed. However, the conversational round is a mandate. It varies for different companies.  

Tip: Do not embarrass yourself by negotiating a salary until it is a need. They know the current industry standards so, they will not play with you.

Interview duration

You may have to go through a long process and wait. There are usually 3-4 rounds. But for some, it can be short. The approximate time it will take is 4-5 weeks i.e almost a month

After the manager round, the technical round is conducted in 1-2 weeks. Afterward, wait for results for at least 1 week. For the final contract, it takes 10 days after the final result.

STEP 6: Visa process for the Netherlands

It is much easier to get a visa for the Netherlands than for Germany. If you apply for the appointment 4 weeks in advance you will get a response in 2 weeks. In addition, you need to submit your documents, namely- a job contract, passport, identification documents, or more as per your needs.

For the visa process, It takes 1-2 weeks to start the visa process after receiving the contract. Hence, the whole visa procedure takes at least 1 month.

Everything is mentioned on the embassy website.

You will get your visa in 3-4 days.

Sample question and answer for Netherlands job interview

What is the most difficult situation you faced? A situation where you felt happy and unmotivated in your job?

Sample answer

To mention the interesting thing when I joined the job, being a new joiner, I was introduced to a new project which later went into production (mention the success that project achieved) and finally it’s on the road (it worked out). This was the interesting and happiest moment for me as I was able to help somebody through my skills.

Use the mentioned approach to answer such questions:

  • Put up a situation
  • Start talking about a project
  • Mention
    • What you faced,
    • Your reaction
    • How you overcome it
    • In the end, how you felt during and after the particular situation is over

What an interviewer wants to know is how you would tackle a situation, if you encounter it on the job. He wants assurance before selecting you.

Total expenses incurred to find a job in the Netherlands

Do not spend any money on the job search process. The job hunt process requires effort and time, not money and carelessness. 

A ticket to the Netherlands cost around 45k excluding essential purchases of 20k-30k.

To illustrate, including your ticket, essential purchases, and euro exchange cost, it counts around 70k-80k before reaching the Netherlands.

After reaching the Netherlands, it depends on your rented apartment whether shared or single. Approximately, it cost 1000 euros. It is only for the 1st 2 months.

Total expenses= 2 lakhs

Are there any visa process fees?

The simple answer is Yes, but very less.

It depends on the company if it is paying the visa expenses. Usually, it is 7k-8k rupees. You only need to go hand-in-hand with the process of 4 weeks with the embassy. This 4 week’s process includes an interview, passport, and other document submissions. You will get your visa in 3-4 days.

Tips for Indian job seekers

Below are some tips for Indian automotive engineers looking for a way around Europe:

  • Stay on trend- what’s happening in the field
  • Learn programming languages like C++ and python
  • Grab knowledge about IoT
  • Automotive core knowledge 
  • Your job search should start with exploration and understanding of your skill sets
  • At last, put money preference as the last step in the job search process.

Final words…

Fly to your dream destination. Start preparing by this 6-step process and land your job in the Netherland. Maintain your expenses and your job search process by staying consistent.

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