How to get a job in Germany within 6 months?

Getting a job in less than or within 6 months is not a joke anymore if you stick to a strategy. The job hunt is always considered like the hunt of a lion, even more, difficult than that.

You know engineers are on call; the world is emerging. So, Berlin, the hub of startups is calling Python developers.

This blog will help you to adopt a particular strategy to land a job within 6 months or fewer.


Mr. Yogesh comes from a small village in Haryana. A man who did his schooling at a Hindi medium government school and a in computer science from Kurukshetra University. Now, working in Germany as a Python developer.

Actually, it’s seriously not that difficult to get a job. If he can get a job, then you can also! Focus on your strategy!

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Before moving on, aren’t you a bit interested in the work culture of Germany? Maybe it could clear your doubts about moving to Germany, or why you should choose Germany?

The work culture of Germany is quite demanding everywhere, 5 days of work and a cool weekend start, from Friday itself. According to Mr. Yogesh, one can relax even before Saturday and have a relaxed Friday as well. The work environment will let you enjoy the weekend. The timings are fixed – 8 am to 4 pm and no extra burden. No more work after 4 pm. What a great work-life balance!

Friday is already a weekend!

I hope it will help you decide.

Now the most important blog section.

How do I land a job as a Python developer in Germany within 6 months?

First thing first, anyone can apply this strategy, regardless of Python developers.

Make a note of the below-mentioned 8 crucial points:

1. Have a positive mindset

It is crucial before starting your job hunt journey. A mindset of not giving up and facing everything as an opportunity without getting disheartened.

2. Job search platforms to use

You can start your research on these three platforms:

  • LinkedIn- Super useful and easy to find jobs
  • Get ready to receive a call from the recruiters themselves
  • Works like, monster India, etc.

3. How does it all work? 

A quick yet small guide to starting over-


  • Create a profile, that’s it! NO! Recruiters will shortlist your profile themselves.
  • Update your profile -You need not keep looking for recent openings, but update your profile in on time. Wait for your CV to get shortlisted.


  • Create an account
  • Update CV
  • Look for recent openings on a daily basis
  • Apply for the job
  • Wait to get a call/message from recruiters
  • Be ready for the interview

3.3 Linkedin

  • Create a professional account
  • Connect with as many recruiters as possible
  • Search for job openings
  • Apply for the job opening
  • Wait for their responses. 
  • Be ready for the interview.

4. How to find a job?

  • Connect with recruiters in Germany over LinkedIn
  • Job search over LinkedIn and other platforms as well 
  • Don’t forget to apply with an updated CV.

Check out how to use LinkedIn for job search

5. Update CV frequently 

Update your CV with the following to stay always on top of recruiters’ list

  • Technical skills- Recently gained skills, any technical certification 
  • Recent updates- It can be a full stop as well. But update it.
  • Do not lie on your CV.
  • Your interests- Update your interests frequently. 

6. Applications

  • Send 100+ applications to get selected for one.
  • Face rejections but don’t take them personally and don’t let them affect your mental peace.

7. Apply to openings

Apply to each and every opening that comes up, of course, related to your work profile. Do not randomly apply to every opportunity, it will create chaos and will lead to nowhere. So, analyze every job profile, start preparing for interviews in advance, and thrive for it.

8. Don’t give up

Rejection is sometimes unacceptable.

Be prepared to face it, and let it not bother you.

Do not get frustrated and leave in between. It is a long journey that has to be achieved.


So, keep trying.

Time for your favorite questions

Is German a requirement for the job?

A big no! It is not at all required to get a job but as always it is required for daily conversation- at least B1 level. As per Mr. Yogesh, he had never seen a job description mentioning German proficiency as a must, only your skills and experience should match -that’s all.

At the same time, he advises learning German for your own sake. Because when you land in Germany you have to visit a restaurant and have to rent an apartment, so it is a must-have.

How much time will it take to get a job?

Mr. Yogesh went through the process for a whole six months.

From searching for various job applications and applying for them, facing rejections, and finally getting a job and visa. Whereas, his friend landed the job in just 2 months, so your hard work, consistency, and defined path matter.


When you have a planned path and strategy achieving the goal becomes easy. One must not forget that it is always difficult to start, but once achieved, it looks simple.

So don’t leave in between. You will get frustrated, but giving up and losing hope is not a good choice. Try hard until you achieve it. As said earlier, it is not like a hunt for the lion; it takes time, patience, and a strategy.


Python developers, managers, non-IT workers, and everyone out there is searching for a job in Germany. A defined and correct path helps to achieve the goal super soon.

Some guidance is what one craves. This blog covers almost every point on how to get a job in Germany that too within 6 months.

Anyone can follow the above-mentioned steps, not just python developers. Have a mindset of achieving first and keep patience, don’t get frustrated easily.

Still, facing issues? Don’t hesitate, to join the discord server and get answers.

Hope to see you in Germany super soon!

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