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We offer a three-month professional support service to help you navigate the German job market.

Our team will assist you in crafting the perfect CV, preparing you for interviews, guiding you on the dos and don’ts of job applications in Germany, promoting your CV to a network of recruiters and employers in Germany, and addressing any questions you may have about job searching in Germany for a duration of 3 months.

job search support is for you if...

You are looking for a job in Germany and you are serious about it.

You’re a highly skilled professional with proficient English, and you’re looking to relocate to Germany.

You’re eager to enhance your profile and need professional guidance when applying for jobs in Germany.

You want your profile to be advertised to Recruiters and Employers across Germany along with a reference letter.

You do not want to spend a lot of money on consultancies.

About the service

The Job Search Support Service helps you find a job in Germany. When you use our service, you get:

  • A professional review of your CV and LinkedIn to make sure they look good for German companies.

  • Practice interviews with our HR expert, so you know what to say when you talk to Recruiters and Companies.

  • We’ll advertise your CV to many companies and recruiters in Germany to help you get more job interviews.

  • A special certificate signed by the HR expert and “Germany Is Calling” that says you’re ready to work in Germany.

  • Chat support for 3 months. If you have questions about finding a job in Germany, you can ask the HR expert anytime on WhatsApp.

  • We promise to do our best to help you find a job in Germany. Your success is our achievement.

What's included in the service?

Profile Evaluation

We will conduct a thorough assessment of your profile and offer recommendations for updates to your CV and LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters.

Mock Interviews

Our HR expert will schedule one to two sessions with you to conduct mock interviews, ensuring you are well-prepared for future actual interviews.

Strategy Session

After completing the mock interviews, we will conduct a session to strategize your job application approach and discuss best practices. This session is designed to establish a routine that will yield long-term benefits.

Certificate of Verification

A certificate of skill verification and approval, co-signed by our HR expert and “Germany Is Calling,” will be provided. This certification will enhance the credibility of your profile when applying for jobs in Germany.

CV Advertising

Our HR expert is affiliated with numerous recruiter and employer networks and online communities. She will promote your profile within pertinent groups, thereby amplifying the likelihood of receiving interview invitations.

Ad-hoc Support via Chat

Upon completion of the service, our HR expert will remain available to assist you for up to three months, offering ad-hoc chat support via WhatsApp.

meet your guide

Tiffany GIC HR

Tiffany Tara

Tiffany is a seasoned HR professional with a rich history of enhancing talent acquisition and management across two continents.

With several years of hands-on experience in both Germany and the U.S., Tiffany’s portfolio boasts of esteemed tenures at global giants like IBM, Taxfix, Talentful, and American Express.

Her expertise isn’t just limited to recruiting; she’s a master at talent hunting, streamlined onboarding, and has an unparalleled knack for optimizing profiles, ensuring candidates find their perfect fit in the competitive German job market.

Jessica Schwarz GIC HR

Jessica Schwarz

Meet our HR and Recruiting Expert, Jessica, a professional with several years of experience in Germany, working with a range of companies from startups to corporates.

Known for her strategic and operational skills, she has a vast network and a passion for making both companies and talents happy.

Her experience and dedication make her a valuable asset in connecting the right people with the right opportunities.


Most frequent questions and answers

While this service is open to all applicants, we implement an internal evaluation or pre-screening phase to assess each candidate’s skills. We only proceed with applications when we are confident in our ability to assist the candidate effectively.

The Job Search Support Service aims to enhance your profile and guide you through the intricacies of job hunting in Germany, under the expertise of a professional HR specialist. While we are committed to maximizing your chances of receiving job offers or at least securing interviews within the first three months, it’s essential to understand that securing a job in Germany from abroad can be challenging and may require an extended duration to yield results. In essence, while we cannot guarantee immediate success, we are confident that our guidance will positively transform the responses you receive from recruiters and refine your approach to job applications in Germany.

Our Job Search Support Service is active for a span of 3 months from the date of your enrollment. During this period, our HR specialist will equip you for interviews, refine your professional profile, introduce you to German recruiters, furnish you with a skill verification and referral certificate, and crucially, remain accessible for your inquiries via WhatsApp.

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