Are you looking for a job in Germany?

Say goodbye to wasted time and money on agencies and visa consultants. GIC+ is the platform that can answer all your questions and help you land your dream job in Germany quickly.


What you get

Visa sponsored jobs

Gain direct access to employment opportunities in Germany that offer visa sponsorship, providing you with a chance to work and potentially reside in the country through an employer-sponsored work visa.

Job referrals

Receive job recommendations and referrals from professionals who are currently employed in Germany, leveraging their expertise and network to help you find suitable employment opportunities in the country.

Premium templates

Gain access to authentic CVs and cover letters used by professionals who have successfully found jobs in Germany.

Weekly Meet-up

Participate in weekly live meetups and Q&A sessions, providing you with an opportunity to interact with others who share similar career aspirations, learn from experts in the field, and get answers to any questions you may have.

Get answers

Ask questions and get answers from experts and fellow Indians with similar experiences, building a supportive network and gaining valuable insights for your career.

Visa sponsoring companies

Access a regularly updated and ever-expanding list of companies in Germany that offer visa sponsorship, providing you with an up-to-date resource to aid in your job search and visa application process.

User reviews

Vineeth K Nair

I joined GIC group around 6 months ago and it helped me land my job in Germany. The biggest advantage is that you connect with like minded people and people who are already in Germany who helped me with questions related to Job Search, Visa and Relocation.

Ravi profile pic 001
Ravi Gurijala

I joined GIC 6 months ago. It helps in how to search job in Germany. In my experience, it cleared many questions about immigration process. I recommend this community to those who wants to find job in Germany.

Shaik Meeran

This is such a great platform. I joined this platform from start like May 2020. Please be a part of this platform as a stepping stone of your dream.


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Most frequent questions and answers

The simple answer is “No”. Even if you join GIC+, there is no guarantee that you will definitely get a job in Germany. GIC+ will definitely increase your chances of getting a job in Germany and will help you speed up your job search process.

As the name suggests, weekly meetups are scheduled almost every week (Sunday) where the GIC+ members can ask their doubts, share their experiences and discuss topics related to getting a job in Germany. There will be one or more experts from Germany who will try to answer and clarify your doubts.

Yes, you can join the GIC discord server free of cost and interact with other GIC members for free. You won’t be able to access the premium benefits that comes with the GIC+ membership. Join the Free plan