Opportunity card for Germany – Everything you should know

Opportunity card for germany

The German government recently announced the term “Chancenkarte” which basically means – Opportunity card. 06.07.2023 – The new immigration law will be effective on March 1st, 2024. 23.06.2023 – A new Immigration Law in Germany includes the approval of the Opportunity card. 23.02.2023 – A draft bill of the proposed opportunity card was presented and … Read more

German citizenship in 3 years | Everything you should know

German citizenship in 3 years

Imagine becoming a German citizen in just 3 years! Intrigued? Thanks to the new German citizenship law, the dream of calling Germany—the land of precision engineering, world-class beer, and rich cultural heritage—your home is now closer than ever. Hold on to your bratwurst, because this guide is designed to walk you through the ins and … Read more