Navigating the German Job Market in 2024

2024 is going to be a special year for the German job market in various aspects. Let’s go through some of the key areas where we expect to see changes that will impact foreign talent looking for jobs in Germany.

New visa rules

2024 is going to see many changes on the visa and immigration front. With the introduction of the new and less restrictive visa approvals, Blue card eligibility criteria and employment without the need to have a professional degree are all welcoming news for skilled talents looking to migrate to Germany.

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Opportunity card

By June 2024, we expect to see the Opportunity card available for the public to apply. With the implementation of the Opportunity card, Germany is inviting hundreds of thousands of workforce from non-EU countries to come and find work in Germany.

The Opportunity card gives you a 12-month visa to stay and look for jobs in Germany.

While you search for a relevant job, you are also allowed to work part-time to earn money for your sustenance.

This is a great improvement on the existing Jobseeker visa which allows you to stay in Germany for only 6 months and if you are unable to find a job within these 6 months, you are required to go back to your home country.

Use our Opportunity card points calculator to check your eligibility.

4 Day work week Pilot program

Many companies in Germany opted to try out the 4-day work-week. This is going to be a game changer and we will have to wait and see if this is just a trial that ends with no one buying in towards the end of the trial period or something that everyone would love to continue.

If implemented, the 4-day work week will help Germany attract more foreign talent in 2024 and years ahead.

On the other side, there was a report published recently that claims that Germans work the least when compared to their European counterparts. So, if a 4-day work week is implemented, they will be working even less.

Well, Germany really cares about the work-life balance of their workforce it seems 🙂

Layoffs in 2023 and 2024

In line with the Global trend of layoffs, the German job market also continued to see mass layoffs in many startups and enterprises.

2024 is expected to be better in terms of hiring and it is predicted that 2024 will have less number of layoffs as compared to 2023. Let’s wait and watch.

Btw, If you get laid off from your company in Germany, we have a detailed step-by-step layoff guide to help you overcome the situation and find your next big opportunity in Germany.

Another trend we’ve witnessed is that even though there were layoffs in 2023, there were many new job openings as well. So, if you are worried about the market conditions in Germany, you shouldn’t worry too much because Germany still needs hundreds of thousands of skilled employees each year.


These are not all the updates for 2024 but definitely the ones we are excited about. There are several changes and updates that the German government is implementing in order to attract foreign talent. Time will tell how many of these changes and new laws will attract talent to a country that is known for its bureaucracy and strict language requirements.