Software developer job in Germany within 6 months

Diversity can help you learn more. Thus, Germany is here on a call for software developers. Germany is a hub for software developers and personnel in technical fields. Get ready to pack your bags to land in Germany. No no, this is not a hiring site, but an informational platform to help you land a job in Germany as a software developer within 6 months. 

Wondering how? Read below or watch the video here. 

Ravi is a software developer for the past 8 years in India. He has worked in many companies like J.P Morgan and Tech Mahindra. He now works for a reputed company in Mannheim, Germany.


How can Germany Is Calling help you?

We assist you in knowing what to do first and last.

With our service of 1-1 sessions and through the discord community we can answer your questions related to-

  • Job search procedure
  • How to use LinkedIn for job search
  • How to approach an interview
  • Visa procedure
  • How is life after getting there
  • How to stay consistent

Job-hunting process

Some tips for you about job search in Germany as a software developer:-

1. Duration – Spend at least half an hour daily on job search and applying for jobs in Germany. 

2. Application – Apply for 10 jobs per day, which counts to 200-300 jobs in the whole process of 6 months. 

3. Platform – Use the below-mentioned platforms for searching for software developer jobs in Germany- 

  • LinkedIn
  • Vanhack (job offer got from Vanhack)

LinkedIn is the most trusted platform so far, and so is Vanhack. There are many others, you can follow any of them.

4. Consistency – Continue this for 2-3 months.  

5. Call turnaround time – It takes 1-2 months, so don’t get frustrated. It is the usual time taken by the Germans.

6. Prepare for interviews in advance

The interview process for a software developer job

In Germany, the interview process consists usually of 3-4 rounds. The time usually required for the whole interview process is 1 month at least.

  • Behavioral round- The most common round German HR conducts
  • 2 Coding Rounds- Live coding round will be there
  • 1 project round
  • Written test round- For specific jobs, HR conducts a written test round

Resume format

Resumes for German applications differ from India. So, spend a good amount of time preparing a good resume and cover letter. You can watch the video for Resume/CV writing to apply for jobs in Germany and get good responses in return.

Watch for the CV and resume writing process. Also, check out LinkedIn tips here.

One of the platforms to make a good resume is Novoresume. 

Novoresume- The resume can be used for the USA, Canada, and Europe. They have paid premium options available, you can take advantage of that too.

How much money is required to get a job in Germany?

There is no need for a blocked account. There are some visa fees, travel expenses, and living costs while in Germany that require some money.

Expenses while in India

  1. Resume premium – INR 1500 for 6 months
  2. Visa process – It costs approx 15k for the visa fee if paid on our own
  3. Flight charges – Self-spent INR 45K

Total Expense is approximately INR 60K

Expenses after reaching Germany

  1. First-month rent
  2. One month advance

The total cost for rent and advance is 1100 EURO (550 rent + 550 advance payment)

You need INR 60k-70k in India and 1500 euros approx when in Germany. With a total budget of INR 1 lakh (a single person), one can move and work in Germany.

Tips for Indian jobseekers

  • Spend a good amount of time applying for jobs. As stated earlier, at least 10 jobs a day will help you get some responses. Responses are not always reliable. But doing this will open some sort of path for you.
  • Prepare for the behavioral and technical rounds properly.

You can follow the below advice for the same:

  • Behavioral round– You can search for the 100 commonly asked questions
  • Technical round– Prepare in advance. Keep your practice strong, if you have already planned for a job change. You can follow:
    • YouTube channel
    • You can try “Leet code” for your practice
    • Go for simple and easy questions, try to avoid difficult ones at first.

Final words…

To conclude, you can get a job in Germany, as a software developer with good consistency and some combined hard and smart work. For instance, smart work includes a good resume format, proper LinkedIn job search techniques, and joining the GIC discord community. Job search in Germany from India will become easy if you follow a good approach.