5 important steps for Germany Job Seeker Visa

Let’s talk about the 5 most important steps that you must plan for the Germany Job seeker visa.

Who doesn’t want to live in the hubs of finance, IT, and manufacturing? Also, with a decent salary, good perks, and benefits like the best health facility? Getting a job in 2-3 months and thriving for a lot of opportunities?

You are at the right spot!


Mr. Pradyumna, a 6-year automation tester expert, works for a German corporation in Berlin, Germany. He has some great insights for you on how to apply for a Germany Job Seeker Visa and factors to consider to get a suitable job.

Bonus tip and answer to our discord group members at the end.

Here is the YouTube video, in case you’re a viewer.

The 5 step formula to get placed in Germany

  1. Requirements for job seeker visa
  2. Application procedure
  3. Money requirement for job seeker visa
  4. How to choose a city of work?
  5. How to find jobs while in Germany?

1. Requirements For Job Seeker Visa

1.1 Educational Qualification

Bachelor’s or master’s degree from any university but accredited with H+. Check the Anabin website for a registered university.

What is H+ accreditation? Why is it important?

H+ is a criterion given by the German system to evaluate your degree course validity. It is important for Germans to know whether your university degree is equivalent to their university degrees or not.

1.2 Five years of job experience

It is mandatory in some cases. It is advisable to have such experience because it helps you to easily get a job there, and also the German embassy consulates easily permit your visa application.

1.3 German Proficiency

The German language is not mandatory for job seekers! For an edge in your professional and personal life, it is advisable. At least the A2 level for daily conversation and B1 for a professional edge.

If you do not want to miss the good opportunities while in Germany, as many recruiters ask for the language proficiency in their organization. In that case, you will have to leave the opportunity and search for other jobs.

There are plenty of opportunities for non-speakers too. And of course, you can easily learn. Nothing is tough!

2. Application Procedure

Do remember to collect these documents to apply for a job seeker visa and get an easy permit.

FACT: 99% of people get their visas if they have valid documents.

Check this link out to know more from a person having the same experience:

Step 1: Apply for a job seeker visa from the German embassy in your city.

Step 2: Required documents for the application process:

  • Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree
  • Payslips
  • Experience Letter
  • Relieving Letter
  • Proof Of Accommodation
  • Proof Of Health Insurance
  • Pre-Applied Jobs Responses, At Least 2-3.

Step 3: Last, visa interview. Do prepare well.

What are Pre-applied jobs?

The jobs you apply for before moving to Germany. To make the visa permit easy.

At least, try to get 2-3 positive responses from German employers. It shows you are serious about working there and you can get the job easily in Germany.

Tip: Carry it with you while going for a visa interview and submit it there. They will be impressed.

You can also look at this blog post for a detailed Job Seeker Visa checklist:

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Do you have further questions?

Join our community of job seekers and expats from Germany. You can ask your doubts and get suggestions on topics related to getting a job in Germany and several other related topics.

3. Money Requirement For Job Seeker Visa

  • No need for a blocked account like the one needed for applying for a student visa.
  • Maintain INR 6 lakhs in the bank account before 45 days of permit. It will be used during your stay in Germany until you get the job and work permit there.
  • 6 months’ bank statements are mandatory to show to the consulate.

4. How to choose a city?

The main factor to consider is the job domain. Like, which city has better opportunities for you?

For instance, Berlin is the hub of IT companies and Frankfurt is the hub of banking and finance.

Tip: LinkedIn is your best friend!

Ask people on LinkedIn about career opportunities available in your domain, or do you need to upskill? Are there openings for your profile?

Another factor to consider is the health facility. Although every city in Germany has good health care facilities, check how it is in your chosen city.

5. Job Hunting Procedure

So now you have landed in Germany. Let’s start with the main purpose of coming to Germany, i.e. A JOB.

  • Here are your friends in Germany– Indeed, LinkedIn, Xing, Glassdoor, and Patience (not a website!).
  • Stay regular and submit 100+ applications. The process is smooth but a bit slow.
  • How much slower? They conduct interview rounds in intervals.
  • On average, there are 5-7 rounds, also depending on the domain.

*Don’t worry, if you stay consistent with your job search you will land a job in 2 months.

Bonus Tip (Especially For Indians)

  • Understand the job market– Check whether there are relevant openings for your domain before applying for a Jobseeker visa.
  • Upgrade your skills- Are you qualifying for their technical skills criteria and even the soft skills?
  • Learn German- If you have time and don’t want to be left with fewer opportunities, and for daily conversation, start learning German.
  • Accommodation of 6 months- Make sure that you plan for your stay in Germany for the next 6 months well in advance. Finding a place to stay is one of the toughest tasks in cities like Berlin and Munich.
  • Submit pre-applied jobs with positive responses in your visa interview for an easy visa permit.
  • Make patience your best friend.

Answer to our discord team member

Question: Can one go to Germany on a job seeker visa while they are already working in their home country?

Answer: According to Mr. Pradyuman, usually it is not allowed by any company, especially MNCs, to work and search for a job in another country. It is illegal! The contract you sign with them strictly prohibits this.

If you are only allowed to work from India, for instance, you cannot travel to other places and search for jobs and work simultaneously.

If your company allows it then it’s super, but don’t take a chance.

In order to get a job in Germany, you have to give yourself a 6-month deadline and take a risk.

For more information and to clarify further doubts related to jobseeker visa, join our Discord community here: https://discord.com/invite/zH8aBJB9TG


Getting a job in Germany is a task of remaining consistent.

The journey starts even before you apply for the visa. Deciding the city to live in, job opportunities in your domain, house accommodation, etc.


Making sure the visa interview gets scheduled and gets permitted is itself a challenge. Also, If possible, do learn German.

Last but not least- Have patience and faith. You will get what you want.

Thanks for sticking and good luck with your job search in Germany!