How to write German job applications

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Germany not only has plenty of jobs and study programs but also has a different culture. This blog is of course not about German culture, its shocks, and facts. To experience all the things you must be there in Germany.

To work there you must know how to apply for applications, write a CV and what you have to do to grab your dream job.

For that purpose, Prof. Dr. Rolf Winter who is a professor at the “University of Applied Sciences Augsburg” and a Co-Founder of a technology startup, is going to give you some words of wisdom (that you hardly hear from your professors). Answer to one of our GIC Discord group members at the end!

Why would you choose Germany and not another country?

Professor wanted to settle in countries like France, the UK, and specifically the U.S. which was his dream country at first. What were the reasons which led him to choose Germany?

First thing first- changing decisions is never wrong, it means you have enough courage to handle a new opportunity.

The reasons are as mentioned below:

  1. Germany focuses on the employee perspective.
  2. Germany has a social market- Social because if the economy is facing a downfall, losing jobs is not a risk, as the government backs the job market.
  3. US market is volatile and the risk of losing a job is higher.
  4. Mandatory health insurance in Germany- In the US, it depends on your income if you will get insurance or not.
  5. Free education for kids in Germany- No worries for the future of kids as schooling is free there.
  6. There is a feeling of financial and social security when you work in Germany.
  7. Germany has a very rich culture- You won’t get bored here, plenty of places to visit, operas, theatre, and festivals of course.

So, aren’t you excited to work here? I am sure you are. These 7 reasons are more than enough to convince you.

Stay tuned!

Do you have further questions?

Join our community of job seekers and expats from Germany. You can ask your doubts and get suggestions on topics related to getting a job in Germany and several other related topics.

The most demanded question job seekers like you always ask is- tips to get a job in Germany. But, many of you might be struggling to find answers for-

  • How to write a CV? ‌
  • What should you do to stand out from the pool?
  • Some of you must be wondering, “does my degree hold any value or not?”

Don’t worry you are not alone, these are some questions that every job seeker has.

Now, put a comma to your research and read further for solutions (curiosity should never die). It’s okay if you want to watch the video. Here you go:

How to write a CV?

What to mention and what not is a different matter. What matters the most is the format, and the writing style. Your writing style should not be a typical one. It must not only include your strengths and qualifications.

According to the professor, while writing one must avoid the mentioned mistakes

  • Salutations – Many cover letters and e-mails start with Dear Sir/Ma’am. Avoid it, it’s generic. Research about the company and mention that. Give your CV a chance to stand out.
  • Neglecting the power of the targeted approach – you should modify it according to all applications. A well-researched cover letter will never go to the bin. Show them that you are interested but also make sure that they are interested in you as well.

    Tip: Don’t send 100 applications but 10 applications that stand out.
  • Make your CV precise for every application humanly possible to boost the application to come up to the stack immediately.

Still, have questions on how to write a cv? Refer to the video below and clear your doubts.

What should you do to stand out from the pool?

There are a lot of applicants out there, what makes you a best-fit matters.

  • Do internships– as many as possible for a twin benefit. To explore it and to clarify whether you enjoy it or not. Internships are equally important to you as well. It will give a broader perspective.
  • Learn german– as always the most important thing to learn while in Germany.
    Even software developers must understand that though you won’t be dealing with clients directly but in case if it is required how would you handle it? So must keep in mind, before moving start a little bit of German and if not, start learning while in Germany.
  • Freshers are on-call– work with startups. Startups look for people who are dynamic. It is beneficial for both the company and employee as the employee will learn to work in a dynamic environment and is flexible and the employer will get a talented person at a cheap cost.

Does your degree hold any value ?

According to Dr. Rolf Winter, the following are what matters most

  • Develop skills rather than focusing on marks – A mark sheet will state that you are good at completing tasks within a set deadline, in this case preparing for exams, but the employer focuses on how effectively you can use the knowledge and benefit them.
  • Focus on learning– Projects and wider but practical knowledge helps to get a job.

So the answer is clear- degree does not matter. The modern era focuses on skills, doesn’t matter what is your undergrad or postgrad, and in what language.

Why German Why?

Why do German universities not offer English-taught bachelor’s programs? Why are there English-taught master’s programs in Germany?

According to the professor, German universities are state-funded and are for their people, as they are taxpayers. Quite obvious that people prefer to learn in their mother tongue rather than any other language. In addition, you have a chance to study in English taught bachelor’s program in middle Germany.

Masters programs are in the English language as well. So you can go for post-graduation here easily. The reason is simple, every country wants to grow and will not limit the boundaries to Germans only. So go grab it!

Discord group question

How to get a job in Germany as a junior developer?

  • In the first semester, you should set up a Github account and start working on projects.
  • Write code daily and push your code to Github. Put down all your codes there, no matter what, just put it there. For instance, advent code.
  • Make a public account for your projects – If you are a junior, then build projects on your own and publish them. It will help the employer understand that you have done something out of the course and are genuinely interested in learning further.

Step by step you will reach your goal!

You can refer to the YouTube video above, for a detailed explanation of this question


The social benefits, career opportunities, and culture are different matters. Job application format and skills are essential. Avoiding the general mistakes while applying for a job via e-mail, developing skills, and becoming the best fit for the organization are vital steps to follow. Pursuing higher education in English language while you learn German will prove beneficial to you (even during job application).

See you soon as a German employee in Germany!

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