Berlin’s monthly 29 euro ticket

Berlin has introduced a 29-Euro ticket for U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Tram, and Bus. It is a successor of the 9 euro ticket, although it will cost 5-8 times more.

But, if compared to regular tickets, it is much cheaper and affordable.

The 29-euro ticket will be valid from October 1 to December 31, 2022, in Berlin.


How can you get one? Read below for its benefits and procedure.

For what places a 29 euro ticket is available?

Brandenburg has not taken part in this 29 euro ticket scheme. Therefore, people traveling to zone C, ABC, or BC as it comes under Brandenburg, can’t use this ticket.

To commute, they would need a regular ticket.

A 29-euro ticket is valid for Zone A and B only.

This is a limited offer for Berlin until a nationwide transport local ticket is not introduced.

At the beginning of 2023, we can expect some changes regarding tickets.

Which subscriptions are allowed?

According to the data published by Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg, over 920,000 people currently have an AB, ABC, or BC subscription.

Among those, 850,000 people currently use an “Abo” subscription and 70,000 have ABC and BC subscriptions.

However, after the critics from Brandenburg, the ticket is decided only for Zone A and B. So, people with subscriptions for Zone ABC and BC cannot take advantage.

Also, passengers with a social ticket for 27.50 euros will get nothing.

Only people with subscriptions for Zone A and B can avail of this.

On the other hand, if you want to travel to zone C, you would also need a regular ticket along with a 29-Euro-Ticket.

People who wish to buy a subscription, check out this link:

Who can take advantage of a Berlin 29-euro ticket?

First of all, you cannot buy a 29-Euro-Ticket from stations, the same as a 9-euro ticket.

Also, it will be only available to people who have monthly AB “Abo” subscriptions. Those who don’t have, can buy and avail of the benefit for 3 months, along with a special right of termination.

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As stated by BVG, people with the following subscriptions can avail of the benefit:

  • 10 am tickets having monthly or annual debits
  • VBB-Umweltkarte having monthly or annual debits
  • VBB-Firmentickets having monthly or annual debits
  • Trainee subscriptions with monthly debits

People who are having annual subscriptions can expect refunds whereas, for monthly subscriptions, the amount will automatically be discounted.

Berlin’s 29-euro ticket rules

The federal government has yet to decide whether the ticket holders can bring a bike or pet with them. And, whether students with semester tickets will benefit from the discount or not.

If it follows the same rule as of 9 euro ticket, as it should, then the rules of normal subscriptions will apply.

That means passengers can bring one pet for free, as per the usual BVG guidelines. And, passengers can bring one adult and up to 3 children on weekends and evenings.

Passengers could bring a bike with them if it is included in their usual subscriptions.

Critics of Brandenburg

The CDU parliamentary group leader in the state parliament, Jan Redmann, accused the Senate of not having included the neighboring state in its deliberations.


Why subscriptions for 29-Euro-Ticket?

According to the Senate, the subscription model is the only best possible solution, because there is no other solution available.

As there are already other public transport rescue packages available, therefore, after consultation with the Federal Ministry for Digitization and Transport, only one regulation can be implemented in which the offer is implemented as a subscription model.

If this model is not adopted then Berlin would have to work without federal funds in order to mitigate the corona pandemic consequences.

Dual strategy to replace 9-euro ticket

As stated, a 29-euro ticket is a temporary measure until a Germany-wide local transportation ticket is released.

The 29-Euro-Ticket is a replacement for the 9-euro ticket, but transport Senator Bettina Jarasch (Greens) argued in favor of a two-fold strategy: a 29-Euro-ticket for Berlin and a 69-euro ticket nationwide.

The federal traffic light coalition plans to provide 1.5 million euros for a nationwide local transport ticket, and also expects an equal contribution from all federal states.

People can expect a price range between 49 and 69 euros per month.

New Update

People who are planning to purchase it for October have to pay for it by the end of this year. That means one cannot cancel it at any moment.

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    Yes, it is available to anyone who has a registered address in Berlin. So, once you complete the anmeldung, you should be able to apply for a ticket subscription.

    Don’t forget to cancel the subscription by 31.12.2022 to avoid paying higher fees from January 2023.

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